Earthquake / Tsunami Information

News and Helpful Links

You can find up-to-date information through the following links.

NHK World (English)
NHK World (Japanese)
CNN (English)
CNN (Japanese)

Prime Minister of Japan: The Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet's page delivers several outstanding links and informational guides on the country's response to the tsunami and earthquake.

Tokyo Embassy of the United States Press Releases: Read fact sheets, messages, and statements of U.S. State Department.

Statement to the Media by John V. Roos, U.S. Ambassador to Japan: U.S. military provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts throughout Japan.

Google Crisis Response: Google is providing an outstanding resource on its Crisis Response page, listing organizations tracking the earthquakes and tsunami, as well as maps and the latest news surrounding the horrific event.

New York Times Before and After Photos of Japan: This is a series of satellite aerial photos on various sites along the Tohoku coastline, showing before and after photos. (English) 
Nikkei Online Edition (Japanese)  
During this critical time in Japan, The Nikkei (publisher of Japan’s leading financial and business daily newspaper) is offering to its subscribers and non-subscribers alike the opportunity of  free access for up-to-the-minute news and articles relating to the earthquake and the following catastrophic events.  Nikkei sincerely hopes this service will be of some benefit during this extremely difficult period in Japan’s history. Please note that the free service is for news and articles relating to the earthquake situation in Japan. All other news articles are available to our subscribers only.

Socks for Japan: An American living in Japan has organized this campaign to donate socks to the people affected by the earthquake / tsunami. Many people living in the emergency shelters fled with nothing but the clothes on their back, so fresh socks are a welcome comfort. Donation guidelines and other information can be found on his website. If you do want to donate socks, please send them directly to Japan as instructed on the website. JASI will not be coordinating any sock donations.

NOAA's National Weather Service, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center regularly updates with tsunami messages and advisory warnings.

Japan Meteorological Agency: Tsunami Warnings/Advisories