Earthquake / Tsunami Information


Please avoid calling regular phone lines in Japan so as to leave them open for local emergency calls in the Tohoku area of Japan.  Use E-Mail, Text Messages (SMS), Skype, Mixi, Facebook, Twitter, and Mixi, to reach out to those affected.

U.S. Citizens
For concerns about U.S. citizens in Japan, send the State Department an email at

For concerns about U.S. citizens outside of Japan, send the State Department an email at

Japanese Citizens
For concerns for Japanese citizens, contact the Japanese Embassy (Washington - 202-238-6700) or local Japanese Consulate. Consulate General of Japan at Chicago

Citizens of Other Countries
For concerns for other citizens, contact that country's Embassy or Consulate.  Contact information for foreign Embassies and Consulates in the United States is available in the Country Specific Information links at

Department of Defense Personnel
From the U.S. Navy website: "The Pentagon says that U.S. Pacific Command reports all U.S. military personnel in Japan have been accounted for after Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. Press secretary Geoff Morrell says there are no reports of injuries to American personnel or damage to U.S. installations or ships in the area."

For family members of Department of Defense personnel, call 1-800-342-9647 to inquire about loved ones or contact the individual unit command directly for more specific information.

Contact Through Japanese Cell Phone
If the person you are looking for has a cell phone in Japan, and you know the cellphone company, you can check each company's website below and type in the phone number to check for a message.  The available areas are Aomori, Miyagi, Yamagata and Fukushima prefectures:

Docomo users
KDDI (Ezweb) users
Softbank users
Wilcom users
Emobile users
Dengon users

Japan Shelter Map: A Google Map has been created, listing lodging places for people who have been affected by the tsunami to stay the night. (in Japanese only)

Google Person Finder: Google has launched its Person Finder for the Japan Earthquake. Users can input information about someone in the service or search it to see if any information is available about someone who might have been impacted by the tsunami.