Past Events from 2009

11/11/2009 JASI Annual Dinner: Ganbaranakucha!

More than four hundred guests from all corners of the state, the Midwest, and the East Coast attended the JASI Annual Dinner: Ganbaranakucha! Thank you to all of our sponsors, speakers, and volunteers who made this year's event such a success.



Attendees enjoyed networking during the Patrons' Reception and the General Reception before the start of the dinner and program.


The Honorable John Engler,
President of the National Association
of Manufacturers gave the keynote address.
Consul General of Japan at Chicago, George Hisaeda, made the welcome toast.

Rick Schostek, Vice President of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, spoke on behalf of the company
as JASI officially welcomes Honda
to Indiana.

Mitch Roob, Secretary of Commerce for the State of Indiana, made an announcement about the Japan Special Feature that will be at the 2010 Indiana State Fair.

The Ganbaranakucha Youth Greeters welcomed guests to the dinner.
Left to Right: Maiki Obara, Ryoko Miwa, Yuya Okada, Gen Miwa.
Pat Hopkins received the JASI "Bridge of Friendship" Award for his contributions to the Japan-Indiana relationship.
Entertainment was provided by Yosakoi Dance Project: 10tecomai who were able to join us from New York City thanks to the generosity of Delta Air Lines. Thanks for the great performance!

Guests enjoyed the unique atmosphere of the Indiana Roof Ballroom.

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10/29/2009 "How to Take Advantage of Federal, State and Local Incentives
during Tough Economic Times"

JASI partnered with JETRO Chicago and Barnes & Thornburg LLP to bring this complimentary seminar to Indianapolis. Attendees were advised on how their companies could benefit from available incentives.





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9/18/2009 The Art of Kabuki with Shozo Sato

Nearly 300 people came to this fascinating lecture by Shozo Sato, master of Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement and classical dance at the IMA's Tobias Theatre. His great stage presence fully engaged the audience and inspired them to ask many interesting questions. Thanks to everyone who came out to the IMA!




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8/23/2009 19th Annual Golf Classic

The 19th Annual Golf Classic, supported by Fifth Third Bank, was a great success! 112 players participated this year, and a good time was had by all. Thank you so much to all the sponsors, players, prize donors, and volunteers who help make this such a special tournament! Congratulations to the top three winning teams (pictured below)!

First Place Team:

Trent Tormoehlen
Sycamore School
Youkow Homma
Carmel High School
Yushi Homma
Sycamore School
Michiharu Homma
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

Second Place Team:

Akiyoshi Tanaka
KYB Manufacturing North America Inc.
Jun Hashizume
Nobu Nakajima
Kamic Corporation
Hisataka Omae
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Climate Control, Inc.

Third Place Team:

Jon Endris
Gaylor, Inc.
Matt Kelley
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
Ken Siepman
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
Mike Goddard
Fifth Third Bank



We would also like to give special thanks to Delta Air Lines for sponsoring the Grand Prize of two round trip tickets to Japan. Congratulations to Mr. Masanori Saso from Aisin Holdings of America, Inc. for winning the prize by defeating every other player at rock, paper, scissors.







Ted Bishop, one of five PGA of America Leaders and officer of the national PGA, gave a complimentary "PGA Get Golf Ready" clinic for JASI golfers before the tournament began. The players really appreciated this practical advice from a leading professional. Thanks very much Ted for offering to give this clinic!




A big thank you to Advanced Nitriding Solutions for sponsoring and managing the Marshmallow Drive Contest. They did a great job at keeping the energy up as players tested how far they could hit a marshmallow. Congratulations to golfer Ian Doll of Stratosphere Quality for winning the contest by blasting a marshmallow 132 feet!



Thanks again to everybody who supported the tournament from our great sponsors and prize donors to the players and volunteers. Your friendship and support is very much appreciated.

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5/28/2009 Japanese Supplier Forum – Survival in the Economic Downturn
Supplier Seminar

Supplier SeminarThe presidents and top executives of Japanese suppliers throughout the state of Indiana attended this exclusive program to hear from a four-person panel comprised of the presidents of Aisin Holdings of America, KYB Manufacturing North America, NTN Driveshaft, and TOA (USA).

The panelists discussed business and human resource challenges that they’ve faced, how they’ve effectively managed those challenges, new opportunities for the automotive industry, localization issues, employee motivation issues, and future forecasts for their companies.   The forum was moderated by Yoshio Gotoh of Japan Intercultural Consulting.

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5/28/2009 Working Effectively with Japanese
Working Effectively with Japanese

JASI brought Yoshio Gotoh from Japan International Consulting to present on how to work with Japanese co-workers and customers.  Here the participants are practicing the protocol involved in exchanging business cards.



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5/12/2009 INFOE: Education Fair for Japanese expatriate families
Education Fair education fair

The Japanese Expatriate parents from among JASI’s members had an opportunity to listen to a panel present on the differences between the education systems in Japan and America, schooling options for their children when they return to Japan, and other important educational topics.

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4/30/2009 Uchoten Hotel (Japanese Movie)

Many JASI members came out to the Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin to enjoy this entertaining Japanese film. 

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Artcraft Theater

3/27/2009 Koto Sound Team Kyara


Koto Sound Team Kyara, an acclaimed ensemble from Nagoya, Japan performed their classical and contemporary pieces while wearing beautiful traditional Japanese kimono.  Dr. Shozo Sato hosted this evening and made an impromptu flower arrangement from plants found on the IMA’s grounds to display during the performance

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1/11, 2/21, 3/27/2009 Roll Your Own ! Sushi classes for beginners
sushi class sushi class
sushi class sushi class

JASI teamed up with the chefs at Ocean World Restaurant for Make-Your-Own sushi classes that were held in January, February, and March.  
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