Japan Center & Gardens

JASI Japan Center and Gardens of Indiana

We are delighted to announce that the Japan-America Society of Indiana (JASI) has embarked on creating a Japan Center and Gardens in the State of Indiana.  The project is still in the early stages, but it promises to bring a spectacular cultural gateway to Indiana of which all can be proud.    In particular, it will be a physical symbol of the interest of the citizens of Indiana in understanding Japan and welcoming Japanese friends.  Indiana has enjoyed a very vibrant relationship with Japan and the presence of a robust Japan America Society of Indiana for more than 25 years.  JASI plays an important role in supporting Indiana’s large base of Japanese businesses, and also serves to help educate the people of Indiana about the culture and people of Japan.

The vision for the JASI Japan Center and Gardens is that it will serve as a center of excellence for matters concerning Japan in Indiana, in a building that is both architecturally astounding and complementary to the natural surroundings. With an authentic Japanese architectural design, it will provide a culturally appropriate venue for events and meetings of all kind which relate to Japan, gardens, and nature.  As the new home of the Japan-America Society of Indiana, it will offer cultural events, art exhibitions, and public affairs, educational and corporate programming, and serve as a community center.   

The center will be located in a natural, park-like setting with the goal of promoting an understanding of nature and the environment through the Japanese aesthetic.  With formal gardens, trails, water features, and wooded areas, it will reflect beauty and serenity as a new jewel in central Indiana.   JASI is actively considering sites and welcomes proposals.

In all of these ways, the Japan Center will showcase in a tangible way the substantial commitment of Hoosiers to attracting, welcoming, and working with Japanese visitors to Indianapolis and the region, and to enhancing the cultural and economic cooperation between the region and Japan. 
In sum, the long and successful history between Japan and Indiana has produced so many tangible markers of success:  whether they be success for the many businesses that call Indiana home, the many Hoosiers whose lives have benefited from the economic relationship, or the unique cultural exchange that wouldn't occur without the partnership between us.  And as currently envisioned, the new Japanese architecture structure --  including wonderful greenspace, traditional Japanese gardens, and contemplative paths amidst wooded hills -- will offer just one more milestone.  One more shining beacon to celebrate our wonderful relationship.  Both a learning center and a quiet retreat in the middle of the capital city.  Something that people from all walks of life, from all lands and cultures, will be able to enjoy, soak up, and learn from together.


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The Japan-America Society of Indiana (JASI) is a 501c3 not-for-profit cultural and educational organization whose mission is to serve as a bridge of friendship and cooperation between the people of Indiana and Japan through the promotion of cultural understanding and economic partnerships. Established in 1988, JASI it offers the largest network of Japanese and American members in Indiana.  On an ongoing basis it sponsors cultural, educational, and corporate programming and serves as an information center. 

Theresa Kulczak, Executive Director
Japan-America Society of Indiana
39 W. Jackson Place, Suite 50
Indianapolis, Indiana  46225