JASI Mentioned in Nikkei Article by Mitoji Yabunaka

(Translated version)
How well known is Indiana State? How are people in Japan familiar with the state? People who "know" may be only racing car fans of the Indy 500. By the way, a groundbreaking thing happened this year. A Japanese racer, Takuma Sato won the championship.

Indiana state, in fact, is the friendliest state among the 50 American states.  The reason is easy, as many companies from Japan invested and hire many Americans.  Subaru's investment was one of the earliest, after that Toyota has also invested, and many automobile parts companies are also here.

Indiana has the Japan-America Society of Indiana, which is one of the most active Japan-America Societies throughout the United States. The main people are those who came to Japan after the war and were fascinated by the Japanese culture, and those who made a special effort in building friendship with Japan even after returning home. In the meantime, the Japan-America Society of Indiana is an organization that was established with Japanese companies entering the United States in the 1980s.  I was invited as a speaker at the annual Gala, and I was encouraged by their vibrant activities.

When the Trump Administration was formed and people were worried about relapse of trade friction issues, but Deputy Prime Minister Aso and Vice President Pence are going to discuss at the representative US-Japan economic meeting. Vice President Pence was the Governor of Indiana and knows the fact that investment from Japan is increasing the employment of Americans from his experience. This is very fortunate, and Indiana is a very important state for Japan. Why don’t have an idea to ask both to visit these Japanese companies and introduce the facts to the entire U.S?