Handmade Greeting Card Workshop


In a time when most social interaction takes place in the realm of technology, sending and receiving postal mail means so much more. In this workshop, we celebrate the lost art of mail correspondence with beautiful handmade greeting cards. Rana Salame, an accomplished jewelry-maker and our product photographer, will demonstrate many card-making techniques, including embossing, stenciling, stamping, pop-up, and decoupage. Students may make as many greeting cards as time allows and will also have the opportunity to make envelopes by hand using a template. All supplies will be included in the cost of this workshop. Light refreshments will also be served.
Please park in the lot directly behind our building in any unmarked space as parking here is free on the weekends. Be careful to avoid parking in any other business/store's designate parking space as this could lead to having your car towed. In the event that all spaces in this lot are full, you may also park along Davidson Street for free - this is the street that runs along the back of the parking lot. This event will be held in our building's Community Room, which has a door that opens directly to the rear parking lot. The door will be propped open and we will have a sign and balloons to welcome you to this room as it is unmarked.

Saturday, November 14th
10:00am - 12:00pm

Homespun: Workshops & Gallery
869 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204


To register, please contact Chiaki Tokiwa at chiaki.tokiwa@japanindiana.org
or by phone at 317-635-0123.