Asian Art Society
Presents an Opening Reception

Look to the Past / Create the New

Japanese Contemporary Ceramics

Thursday, July 30, 2015
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Outside the 3rd Floor Asian Galleries

$25.00 per person, cash bar

To register, please send your registration check by Monday, July 27 to:

Niels Lyster
1752 Glencary Crest
Indianapolis, IN 46228

Tours will be available every half hour.

Tradition is never static. It is transformed and shaped by those that preserve is and pass it on. The works show here are by artists who are inheritors of the dynamic millennia-old ceramics tradition of Japan. They innovate by working within established family traditions or by striking out into new areas rather than replicating historical objects.

Although the ceramics exhibited here are intended as objects worthy of aesthetic appreciation, they nevertheless are all functional. Whether made for ritual or daily use, Japanese ceramics historically developed as utilitarian objects for cooking, eating, drinking, or for storage.

Several of the potters belong to the long family lineages working with a particular regional clay and firing method resulting in characteristic stylistic features. Others have established themselves through perfecting a specific type of ceramics. Althrough all rely on tradition, they are constantly striving to innovate - to create new art that yet embodies the past.

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