Indiana Kydo Renmei
Kyudo (Japanese martial art of archery) Demonstration

Indiana Kyudo Renmei (Indiana Kyudo Association) welcomes you for their public demonstration and mini tournament.
The Indiana Kyudo Renmei (IKR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the practice and instruction of kyudo, the art of Japanese archery. Our group practices in Indianapolis, IN and many of the members travel to seminars in the US and Japan. Please explore our site and learn more about kyudo and our group. As all websites are, this is a work in progress, and as such we --the members of Indiana Kyudo Renmei-- hope that you will check this site frequently.

Kyudo, which literally means The Way of the Bow, is the Japanese martial art of archery.  In the past, the Japanese bow was used for hunting, war, court ceremonies, games, and contests of skill. The original word for Japanese archery was kyujutsu (bow technique) which encompassed the skills and techniques of the warrior archer. Some of the ancient schools, known as ryu, survive today, along with the ancient ceremonies and games, but the days where the Japanese bow was used as a weapon are long past. Modern kyudo is practiced primarily as a method of physical, moral, and spiritual development.


Date: Saturday, January 18th, 2014
Time: 11 am – 1 pm

  • Practice and Demonstration
  • Tournament:  All competitors will get a chance to shoot and the winner will be determined by whoever earns the most points.

Venue:  Gym at the Orchard School
615 W 64th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260

Everybody is welcome!  Free Admission!

Please contact Indiana Kyudo Renmei for questions.

Phone: (317) 609-0793