United States Naginata Federation
Rocky Mountain Naginata Federation/Indiana Naginata Group

Midwest Naginata Seminar

Naginata, a Japanese martial art of both power and grace, is characterized by the grandeur of its sweeping movements. Naginata is for people of all ages interested in either competitive fighting, or in the physical beauty of choreographed, practiced movements, called kata.

Special instruction in English and Japanese by Miyako Tanaka, Hanshi (Master) from California.
We welcome both advanced and beginner practitioners, as well as spectators.

Date/Time: Sat. 3/30 9am~5pm & Sun. 3/31 9am~5pm

Location: Purdue University, COREC Feature Gym
West Lafayette, IN

Miyako Tanaka, Hanshi
Takami Tanner, 5 dan
Johanna Weber, 4 dan

3/30 AM: Basic Practice, PM: Kyu testing & Basic Practice
3/31 AM: Basic & Bogu Practice, PM: Mini tournament (?)

Seminar fee: $30/day or $50/both days (Student: $45/both days)

Testing fee: $20 (+ Menjo fee: $20)
* You must be a current USNF member to test. Membership fee are $40 for Adult (over 18) and $20 for minor.

We welcome both advanced and beginner practitioners.

Download Flyer from here (PDF File)

For more information about Naginata:
Visit www.naginata.org

For seminar information :
Contact: Takami Tanner
Phone: 812-593-0486
E-mail: taktanner@hotmail.com