Japan-America Society of Indiana
“JASI PPE Path Forward Campaign” in COVID-19

The Japan-America Society of Indiana always strives to be in-step with our members during challenging times, bringing together our statewide community in a meaningful way, and facilitating the sharing of resources and information.   In the past, we've helped our friends in Japan during the Kobe earthquake and the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and now our attention turns to our Indiana home. The local Japanese community is in our thoughts as executives continue to manage business facilities while also focusing on the comfort and safety of their families.

At this time, the Japan-America Society of Indiana announces a campaign to help provide assistance to first responders, medical facilities, and communities.

Donations of PPE: The JASI "PPE Path Forward" Campaign asks JASI corporate members to consider making donations of "personal protective equipment" to help meet the need for these items during the threat of COVID-19. Personal protective equipment includes N95 and 1860 masks, fluid protective goggles, isolations gowns, full length face shields, children's health face masks, nitrile gloves, sanitizers, etc. A specific list of equipment needed can be found here. For masks in particular, it is important that the items are FDA certified. The supplies needed are not limited to the above.

The JASI campaign has been inspired by Subaru of Indiana Automotive's donation of 410 protective masks and 15 goggles to the IU Health System. JASI's PPE Path Forward Campaign encourages JASI members to make similar donations of equipment; many of the PPE items are commonly used in manufacturing facilities. We understand that some businesses and manufacturers have already made donations of PPE locally which is also important. In speaking with a leading hospital representative, JASI has been encouraged to proceed, emphasizing that every donation is important, even if a small quantity. This is an equipment "crowd-sourcing" effort in which every item counts.

JASI's campaign is structured in partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the Indiana National Guard.  As JASI receives communications of equipment, the Indiana State Government team will coordinate pick up via the National Guard who is distributing the gear to first responders and hospitals throughout the state. This will be an ongoing effort as medical facilities prepare for peak needs.

The Japan-America Society of Indiana is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations of materials and equipment are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under state and federal law.

For information on donating equipment through the JASI PPE Path Forward Campaign, please contact JASI staff members Yoshi Ogawa (yoshi.ogawa@japanindiana.org) or Jeremiah Maxwell (jeremiah.maxwell@japanindiana.org).

Production of PPE: Business facilities which may be interested in producing PPE equipment or transitioning production lines should contact the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. The IEDC will advise on resources from the state, product specifications, and possible avenues for distribution of the materials. Contact Andrea Richter-Garry at ARichter@iedc.IN.gov or Blair Milo at BMilo@gov.IN.gov.  For communications in Tokyo, contact Paul Roland at PRoland@iedc.in.gov.

We thank you for your consideration of making available equipment and supplies. JASI hopes that our network will once again demonstrate the strength of our incredible community which comes together in times of need, representing the enduring and enthusiastic spirit of the Japan-Indiana relationship.